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verb ǀ thrive ǀ \ˈthrīv\
to progress towards a goal despite circumstances, to flourish, to prosper.
noun ǀ so·ci·e·te ǀ \sə-ˈsī-ə-tē\
a cooperating group that is distinguishable by a particular aim, conduct or common goal.

About Us

Designed in the U.S.A., THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ is a fashion inspired, performance athleisure brand designed to meet the demanding expectations of a busy, social and active lifestyle. International trends and our West Coast roots along with global fitness practices like Yoga, Zumba, and Pilates in addition to running, hiking and tennis give our product its unique cosmopolitan flair.  Our talented design team thrives on creating trendy, luxurious and functional fashions for all your activities throughout the day.  They are inspired by active, healthy and social beings who also Thrive.  Look Good, Feel Good ... Dress Well!

Our Mission

To keep busy people moving, thriving and looking good.

Our Products

THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ   offers high performance comfortable and fashionable collections that can be worn for the most intense workout or to a weekend brunch. Modern, versatile clothing that breaks convention and allows you to do more. From running errands to hitting the gym and then off to a casual date, our diverse assortment offers stylish, all day wardrobe solutions for women on the go. THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ where Fashion meets Fitness… where Fashion meets Life.