THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ cares about your privacy and always makes efforts to protect your personal data. THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ’s aim is to comply with all applicable laws and regulations for the protection of personal data.

This “privacy policy” summarizes the personal data that THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ – including but not limited to its agents, parents, affiliates, and related entities (hereinafter referred to collectively as “THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ”) – may request, collect, store, use, and share in relation to your use of THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ products and services.

This policy explains what kind of personal data that THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ collects and how it is used. By using this Website or subscribing to our newsletter, you agree to this privacy policy concerning the collection, processing, dissemination, and other uses of your personal data.


THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ may collect personal data including but not limited to that provided and acquired during set up and registration. The website uses cookies.

Please note that laws in your country, state, or locality may limit or otherwise regulate what data you may collect regarding the privacy of others.  You are solely and exclusively responsible for compliance with such laws and regulations.

You are not entitled to compensation for the collection or use of any data.


THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ uses the personal data for a number of purposes, including but not limited to identification, direct marketing, customer surveys, newsletters, and statistics.

The data may also be used for sending SMS and e-mail, letters, and other correspondence to you for marketing purposes only; you can contact us at any time to opt out from the sending of marketing materials to you at

It uses the information to help it provide product and services. It uses it internally to analyze, develop, and improve products and services.  It uses the information for sales, marketing and research purposes.  It uses the information to help provide products and services through external business partners.  If required by lawful process to disclose personal data, it will use the personal data to comply with such legal obligations.

If any product or service line is transferred or sold to an outside party, THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ may provide the associated personal data with that transfer or sale, requesting the recipient to adopt a similar privacy policy.  With your consent, it may share the information with business partners, both affiliates and entirely independent entities; otherwise, THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ does not use personal data for any purposes unrelated to the products and its services.


The personal data may be governed by the laws of various countries, states, and localities, depending upon where the information is generated and where the information is stored.  THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ complies with all United States of America and California laws regarding its requests for, collection of, storing of, use of, and sharing of personal data.  Please note that your provision of and collection of such personal data may also be governed by laws of various countries, states, and localities, and you are solely and exclusively responsible for compliance with those laws.

This privacy policy may change at any time and THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ will provide notice of any such change on this website.  Any specific questions concerning THRIVE SOCIÉTÉ ‘s privacy policy may be obtained by e-mail to